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Purchasing Houses

This year, I was fortunate enough to buy two houses.  I bought one when the stocks I invested in 2 years ago tripled.  I spent about $10k remodeling and it turned out pretty nice.  The profit turns out to be around $500/month which is pretty good considering most of my stocks are at a plateau. 

I also decided get a house because the apartment I live in now has been sold to some foreign Chinese investor.  Buying a place with cash is A LOT easier than taking out a loan.  I had to produce many documents for the loan officer and I wasn’t even able to take out a loan without the financial backing of my father even though I am able to pay the monthly mortgage with just the money I make on the side.  I guess ever since the big housing crash of mid 2000s, the banks been more strict on who to lend out money to.

Eventually we finally close thanks to my agent Lilian and loan officer Dominic.  Now, the struggle is to move more than 20 years of stuff to my new place.  Let the fun begin.

New Chapter in Life

Can’t believe I am moving out of a place I call home for 25 years!  The apartment is currently being sold and my godmother and I need to move out.  Thinking about moving away is nostalgic because of all the memories I had here:  When I was in elementary school, I will talk to my neighbor Jenny and Johnny for hours almost every night.  Throughout elementary and some of middle school, I played tag with my neighbors Linh, Iris, and Jenny here.  Middle to High school I will be skateboarding, roller blading, and break dancing in the neighborhood with my neighbor Dang.  You get the idea.

There is so much to love about this apartment and its location.  It is walking distance to Dodger Stadium, Chinatown, Lincoln Heights, Elysian Park, and Downtown LA.  On July 4th, Dodger Stadium will light up with fireworks and we will have front row seats.  We also have the best parking lot when it comes down to events like the Chinatown Firecracker run or the Chinatown parade.

Anyway, it is time to move on to some place more safe.  Unfortunately I don’t know if I can close on a house in Alhambra yet so things are hectic right now.  I hope to have everyone here one last time before I leave.

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